Premature Indication and Recommendation for Tech Employee Turnover

IT talent retention and their career growth is key to the success of an IT team   

Lack of appreciation, motivation, recognition and unhealthy job environment- major reasons for tech employee’s high turnover    

In recent years, the IT industry has become very competitive and arisen in diverse career opportunities. Compared to other sectors the competition is fiercer and has the highest employee turnover rate. The mindset of other professions regarding job switch is job-jumping from one organization to another due to more benefits that mostly exist in the younger employees. From an organization’s perspective, they prefer to retain their best talent and make the best use for the organization’s development. Getting the right replacement in this highly competitive industry can be challenging and time-consuming for an IT manager. It is preferable to retain the talented tech employees by giving them opportunities to develop their careers. There are some evident indications that if a tech employee is planning for a job switch.  Some of these signs are: 

Lack of Engagement 

If an employee retreats frequently than ever on small problems than it might be a serious indication of problems. It is necessary that the communication between the tech employee and the IT manager should be open, effective, honest and constructive. IT manager needs to ask their employees about the problems regarding the work environment factors that affect them the most and try to resolve it; it makes them feel comfortable and valued. IT managers should build a trust relationship with their employees and provide them different incentives like pay raise can be one to give them encouragement. It is necessary for the IT manager to understand that different employees have different motivators, and use different motivator according to the employees.  

Behavioral Changes 

If the behavior, motivation level, attention towards the job and task output of an employee are changed drastically and if a high-level tech employee starts to make silly mistakes and shows no interest and lower attention to details than it might be an early indiction. IT managers should be aware of their employee’s personalities and deal with them accordingly.  

No Longer Interested In the Long Term Planning  

A major indication of employee turnover is that they are now not focused on the long term plans and wants to close the recent projects. An IT manager needs to have a clear understanding of the performance level of the employees to judge them whether their approach towards their job has changed or not; if YES! Then what are the potential reason and problem which can be resolved? 

Avoiding Tasks  

If an IT professional is splitting a simple task, it might indicate a sign of dissatisfaction or they are trying to avoid any major responsibilities. It means it is high time for the manager to have a one-on-one conversation with the employees and get a clear picture of the situation. IT managers should have periodic check-ins on the employees and their satisfaction level in the workspace. Tech employees should be exposed to the latest technologies in their respective fields and they should not be overburdened with tasks. 

Manager Assumes That Everything is Good  

If IT managers don’t take feedback from their employees instead they assume them to be satisfied than that’s the point where the problem gets serious. IT managers should take periodic feedback from their employees regarding their roles and responsibilities and the IT managers should be flexible to interact with. IT managers should know their individual career developments and goals; the IT manager should work along with them to develop their career. IT managers should realize that employee retention should provide a positive break in the employee’s career not make them lack behind in this competitive industry.  

Promotion without Proper Analysis  

Promotion without the necessary skillset can also lead to the resignation of an employee. It is necessary for the manager to provide promotions after analysis, mentoring and training. IT managers should provide fair growth opportunities to all the employees. 

Above are the early indication that tech employees might be planning to switch their jobs. There are also some of the recommendations that IT managers should take into their job routines. These recommendations will help in increasing the satisfaction level of the employees and eventually will help in talent retention. 

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