IT Alignment – Issues Affecting the Business

IT alignment in business handling – Using IT solutions for accomplishing business goals and create business value

The financial goal, marketing goals can be solved with the harmony between IT and business professionals

IT alignment in business handling includes the integration of IT into business strategy, mission goals for helping different business operations. There are multiple reasons why IT alignment with business fails. Some of the factors are already defined and others are as follows:

Lack of Mutual Understanding

It is normal in an organization to have conflicts and the main reason for conflicts between an IT professional and business professionals because they belong to different fields. It is for this reason they may have a difference of opinion and considers different factors for solving a problem. It is essential to have an effective communication mechanism to communicate with different opinions and create a consensus on a decision. It can only be solved by recognizing other professionals and understanding the organization’s goals clearly.

It is essential for all the employees regardless of their fields to have a clear picture of the organization’s money-earning products and services which can help in understanding the products and services more clearly. A common strategy for the attainment of business-IT alignment is the rotation of IT professionals across different departments to understand their functionality, problems, and operations. It also helps IT professionals built relationships with non-technical peers.

Identify Problems Rather Than the Solutions

The purpose of IT in an organization is to identify the business process and operations that can be improved and then provide solutions. This process cannot work in the reverse direction as coming up with the solution or technology and then search for the problem as a justification for the solution. It might fail to align with the business objectives and cause problems in the organization.

Using the Wrong KPIs

There are different key performance indicators that can help in identifying the business-IT alignment problems. If the wrong metrics are used then the executives would not be able to produce the right conclusion which can lead to the construction of the wrong strategy. It is important for the executives to understand the importance of IT for business operations and use the rights metrics to measure them which helps the IT align their objectives with the organization’s objectives. One solution is to develop shared metrics that can help both understand the performance of IT and its alignment with the business.

Build the Right Culture

IT has become inevitable for organizations and for their processes but it still sometimes lacks in realizing the importance of the business operations. It is the type of culture that needs to change and realize that IT is involved in the organization. Due to digital transformation, the office work has transformed not just from a paperless environment but into an intelligent digital environment. There are different business intelligence tools that have made the work easier and efficient and non-technical should realize this fact.

Organizational Challenges

When organizations don’t have adequate representation of IT and they are not involved important strategic decisions, as there are some decisions that cannot be taken without an IT professional. This can be a huge challenge for the organization. It can only be solved with communication on shared goals and have the right reporting structure in the organization.

IT Consumes High Budget

The common perception among business professionals is that IT consumes a high budget which is unnecessary. This perception needs to be changed by developing the IT objective which provides a clear understanding of the contribution of IT towards achieving the organization’s objectives. At the same time, the IT department must take steps that can help change the perception of business professionals. The IT department can try to get acquainted with the business objectives and try to deliver more business value.

Business Transformation

IT should be used for improving the business. IT as an instrument for transforming business operations. This can sometimes transform the entire business operations and can create resistance in business professionals.  It can only be solved with open communications and a positive attitude towards change.

These are some of the factors that help in solving the problems in business alignment with IT. So that both can work towards the common interest; organizations goals

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