5 Potential IT Automation Opportunities

Automation – A process used for providing better customer services and share the burden of employees

Improves efficiency, reduce time, errors and resource consumption-benefits of Automation

Automation is any manual process in an organization that can be done digitalized with minimal human intervention. With the recent advancements in technology like AI and machine learning, automation has become the first priority for CIOs to improve the performance of a task. It helps organizations reducing repetitive manual work but the CIO needs to be cautious of moonshot projects.

Some factors that CIOs needs to consider when initiating an automation process in an organization are:

  • Carefully analyze the problems in the business operations
  • Improve the business operations
  • Automate the business operations

Automation should start from smaller services and increase them periodically. Common services automated in an organization are administration, management and reporting tasks, communication across the organization, etc. The automated services should work along with the manual processes before replacing them. This would help the customers adjust with the automated services and will help the CIOs to analyze the problems in the projects and improve them.  It is the responsibility of the CIOs to take business professionals onboard on these projects. CIOs have to work in collaboration with business analyst to make the automation project easier and progress smoothly. Some of the potential areas for automation are divided into the business domain and IT domain, which are as follows:

Customer Services

The CIOs and the business analyst should have a clear understanding of the customers, their needs. Automation should be done to increase their level of satisfaction. There are many IT services like AI’s virtual assistant; to provide initial services to the customers and solve simple and repetitive problems and refer complicated problems to the service agents. IT can also help in performing tasks like risk assessment, administration, feedback collection, etc.


IT can help the recruiters in many administrative tasks like resume filtering, video interviewing, schedule generation, emotional analysis, etc. which can help the recruiters provide the basic information and help them in the selection process. Some of the tasks like management of employee’s leaves, expense calculation, etc. can be easily handled by IT.

IT Management

IT department in the organizations faces problem like failure to provide timely responses, shadow IT, etc. these problems reflect the IT team to be inefficient. These problems can be resolved with little efforts in IT services. It is important for the IT teams to identify the problems in their IT infrastructure and services that need to be improved. Their majority of the time is spent on keeping the lights on which needs to be reduced. Some of their tasks that can be automated include server monitoring, package installation, device management, cloud integration, file, and network management, etc.


IT provides services that can help the IT’s infrastructure to automate the security of the organization.  There are different IT solutions that help the IT manager to identify any unusual activity in the system and take some initial measures to reduce its risk and help the IT department with useful information. In the meantime, the IT manager can make a decision regarding the potential threat. One of the commonly used solutions is conditional access.  According to this solution, the IT system provides the access to the devices which are fully trusted and partial or no access to the devices that don’t fall completely in the defined rules of the system and also notifies the IT.

Development and Testing

Automation in the development of IT projects is really important. It helps in reducing the time of development as well as the developer. It can be done by using different libraries and plugin that will help in reducing the efforts of the developer and prevent them from reinventing the wheel. Another major area of automation for the IT manager is the management of the testing environment, testing of the projects and timely detection of errors. The automated testing helps the IT team to reduce the efforts and time in testing the application.

Above mentioned are some of the areas in which automation is considered to be unavoidable. Many IT solutions are already available to help the organization automate their business operations.

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