5 HR Negligence When Hiring A New Employee

Right man for the right job – secret behind every successful recruitment

Online presence, soft skills, self-awareness – Important factors that need to be evaluated before final selection  

Hiring the right personnel is important for the success of the organization. If a wrong candidate is appointed, it can not only be devastating for the team members but for an organization as well. An organization doesn’t want an employee that either doesn’t get the job done correctly and on time, causes problems in teams or in the worstcase scenario the organization can face severe loss. Even after careful analysis of the resumes and a successful interview, it is still possible that the selection proves to be wrong and unfit for the organization’s work environment. There are some of the factors that an interviewer can overlook in the interview and result in a disaster. These mistakes stand for both IT and business professionals which can be avoided by paying some attention. Some of these mistakes are: 

Lack Of Analysis Of The Candidate’s Personality Test  

Organizations should not only judge the candidate through their resumes but the interviewers should also consider their online presence. It will help the interviewer understand the personality of the candidate. It is not just their preferences but also the comments that a candidate has made on the social media conversations which reflects the true personality of the candidate; the candidates with negative social media presence should be avoided. An essential element in a candidate is that he should be flexible and compromising. Rigid opinions and attitudes are not preferable in employees. It is essential for the interviewer to analyze their behavior and mindset through the working interviews. This will help the interviewer get to know the traits that were not discovered in the traditional interview because, in the end, they have to work on problems in a team.  

Alignment Of Organizations And Candidates Goals 

It is necessary for the interviewer to judge the candidate’s goals. The interview should try to match the candidate’s goals with the organization’s goals. If the alignment between the goals fails then he might not be the right person for the position.  

Candidate’s Knowledge Of The Organization 

The interviewer should seek the candidate’s knowledge about the organization; it helps them to understand the candidate’s seriousness about the organizationjob, and projects. It is important for the candidate to understand business objectives and services. It is important for the interviewers doesn’t understand the needs of the position for the interview; the candidate should be a perfect combination of technical and nontechnical skills. 

Resume Should Reflect The Necessary Skill Set 

The resumes should reflect their recent and valuable achievements. The resumes should only contain the projects and technologies they are experts in not the projects or technologies in which the candidate is not in. The resume should contain the right amount of information necessary for the position.  

Communication Skills 

The candidate should be moderate in using the IT jargon. It is often considered rude or problem with his soft skills. The interview should depict the candidate’s collaborative and managerial skills. The candidate should mention team members, managers, etc. they have worked with otherwise it gives the impression of strong headship and it fails to mention the teamwork to overcome any problem in the past job. The communication ability of a candidate should be tested with different strategies rather than just relying on the traditional interview to analyze it. It is important for the interviewer to analyze the behavior of a candidate over a failure during the interview. If the candidates fail to identify the failures in the career and blames other past subordinates, then it proves lack of self-awareness. The interview should contain the stories of the candidates about their lack and how they overcome different scenarios which later became a success story.  

All the mistakes of the hiring process mentioned above can be avoided by understanding the hiring objectives and careful analysis of the technical and non-technical requirements of the job position. Before hiring, it is important to thoroughly analyze the nature of the candidate, his perception of that job position, views regarding the organization, their expectation, and future goals etcIn the end, it is the interviewer who makes the final selection.  The interviewer needs to be unbiased, flexible and openminded.

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