12 Key Recommendations for IT Investments in 2020

Digital transformation changed the dynamics of IT investments and created new technology adoption opportunities for organizations

Changes in the IT investments- changed the job opportunities and responsibilities

The dynamics of the IT industry and IT jobs are changed drastically due to digital transformation which has affected the CIO’s approach for using new technologies for solving the organization problems. IT investments have also effected every business sector including CRM, SCM, etc. Some of the important recommendations are:

  1. Data analytics and Business intelligence are transformed with the evolution of different tools and techniques; it is used commonly in different industries to provide useful and timely information like identification of optimization opportunities etc. that can be used for making different strategic decisions by incorporating different machine learning and AI techniques on real-time data for more appropriate analytics.
  2. Security threat related to IT infrastructure and data created due to digital transformation but there are many solutions for solving this problem; it still requires more effort from the CIOs and the IT team to develop an IT system that can deal and protects the organization and its assets.
  3. Due to digital transformation, the main change the CIOs have faced is the migration of the IT and its infrastructure from on-premise to cloud services by making many organizations migrate their IT services, solutions, and infrastructure from on-premise infrastructure to different cloud services for server-less services.
  4. Cloud services are used for many purposes like huge data storage, using online available analytical services on the organization’s data and produce credible results; different cloud solutions offer different integration services for the organization to avail benefits from and make their business tasks a lot easier while providing their basic services of security, auditing, backup and recovery management.
  5. The main concern for the CIOs is the increasing need of IT infrastructure change due to rapid change in the technologies; organizations demand the CIOs incorporate the modern technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, cloud services business and data analytics in their infrastructure but incorporating these technologies can demand large resources like funds, strong network capabilities, computing power which directly effects the ITs performance.
  6. With the digital transformation the field of marketing is changed and has increased the importance of digital marketing; as a new source to reach out to the customers; enabling the organization to contact the customers directly using social media for interaction, unbiased and direct feedback.
  7. The drastic effect of IT can be seen on customers and organizations can use this opportunity to increase their market segment, and create diversity in their customer market.
  8. The digital transformation was largely based on the progress of incorporating Artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques in a traditional IT system for improving business operations and business processes exponentially while encouraging innovation.
  9. Different artificial intelligence tools are used by organizations on their data to produce insights; making artificial intelligence and machine learning tools essential to use but without compromising the security of the system.
  10. Due to AI and cloud solutions, the on-premise ERP systems are now changed from single location to multi-node architecture which includes different BI tools and data intelligence services as their essential part; they can no longer be used for only input, output and querying for data.
  11. CRM can sometimes be negatively affected for the IT investments but with the incorporation of AI, machine learning and different analytical capabilities CRM systems can use data to produce the analytics which can help the leader make more effective decisions concerning the customers and their satisfaction.
  12. IoT involves the network of sensors and availability of hardware and uses them to provide unstructured data to the IT system; IT is the driving force for digital transformation but its management is a difficult task for CIOs which includes the IT governance, IoT data security issues, and management of the data collected for these devices.

These are some of the recommendations that CIOs need to consider when they are considering an IT change and investment. As technology is transforming so rapidly that it is nearly impossible for the CIOs to meet this change. It is essential for the CIOs to be clear about the needs of the organization and how it can be met with IT effectively.

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